Arrezo for Language Majors and Minors

Thinking on it, one major factor of my coming to OU was the advertisement of the Arezzo Program. The University of Oklahoma, of course, has one of its now three (at the time it was the only one) primary non-USAmerican study centers in Arezzo, Italy. A beautiful renovated monastery for a campus in a location with access Idyllic and ideal for study abroad.

At least, I thought this until I mentioned it to one of my language professors, who expressed his qualms with the programs. OU classes taught by OU professors sounds brilliant! But for someone studying languages, cultures, and international affairs, this appeal may not be as potent as for a major in engineering, chemistry, or business. Consider that most of the people on campus will be American, and almost all will be speaking English. As far as immersion goes (cultural/lingual), this isn’t, and for me, immersion is necessary.

Of course, one thought leads to another, and the spiralling domino effect took hold in my mind, sending me into another miniature existential crisis. I thought, If not for this program, what does Arezzo have to offer me? Do I actually want to study in Italy, too? The outcome: I’ll not be studying in Arezzo, and likely also not in Italy. My thought there is that diversifying my experience would be of great benefit to me in almost every way. East Asia is looking more and more promising. And as usual, this opens more questions than it closes. Just a thought, though.

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