Diwali Night 2014

My friend Ankitha bought tickets online for Diwali Night, the festival of lights, this past November. Her friend who was going to go had another engagement, so she asked if I wanted to go. Naturally, I hopped right aboard. We dressed nicely, and she wore a Sari, as many other attendees did, among other various traditional clothes. The line to get in was long, but we didn’t worry. Events like this are usually bound to be delayed, she said. In fact, we ended up waiting nearly half an hour once we got our seats inside the Reynolds Performing Arts Center. A lot of the people from my floor (Couch 3, the International Floor) were also going. Ram was going for the food, because “once you’ve been to one Diwali Night, you’ve been to them all.” We met Matt and Omar on the way over and they sat next to us in the auditorium.


After a rather long introduction from one of the associated professors (we got the feeling he was stalling for them to get ready), the performances began. “Fables of an Indian Love Story” told through dance that love can overcome evil. We witnessed a truly beautiful mix of traditional and modern dance with some exceptionally talented artists, as well as ornate costumes and a lovely story. Our hosts did a thorough job of making sure we were “in the light” as far as the story and traditions went.


Afterwards we trekked to the Sam Noble Museum (a long walk for sure) to the dinner that naturally followed. And among the deserts was a particularly good shredded carrot dish. I ate it. I loved it. I suppose more than the event itself, though, which was a great time and experience, I remember being more connected with all of my friends there. Would very highly recommend (if you don’t mind a bit of a wait!).

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